Small Town Artillery are from Kaslo, BC - population 1000. Their mission is creating funk-influenced, melodic and heartfelt, riff-driven rock & roll. They’ve been booking their own tours, taking over backyards, clubs and festivals for 3 years. This is a DIY band that puts together an unforgettable live concert. 
rontman Tom van Deursen cannot contain his excitement as he leaps on to the stage, ruby-red telecaster slung gregariously across his chest. Drummer & brother Derek van Deursen owns the throne behind the drums and provides the group with their foundation. Bassist Carson Webber is a consummate professional and incredible story teller - the perfect glue for the brothers. The band always tours with a full horn section. Always.



Rumour Mill is an up-and-coming band based in Vancouver, BC, headed by best buds Aline Daigle and Anna Katarina. Recently, they made the big move to beautiful Vancouver, BC where they are recording their debut album at Blue Light Studio. ‘Daylight’s Free’ was released in early 2018.

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